Saturday, May 15, 2010

Weekly Links

Killing Sharks: Is Ocean Science Compatible With Ocean Conservation

Discusses whether their is room in science for ethics, politics and emotions. Should we be sampling sharks for scientific purposes given the pressure their populations are under worldwide?

Lizard species are already disappearing, and becoming extinct, due to global warming.

Why does a black ghost knifefish feed at a body angle of 30 degrees? This post explains how this may increase the electric field of the fish giving it a greater search area for detection of prey.

Discusses how our approach to remediation of abandoned mines and industrial wastelands should be changed. Using species that naturally occur in difficult environments with analogous conditions.

The title pretty much says it all. How to coral larvae find their way to reefs for settlement. This post discusses the role of sound for navigation in these planktonic animals.

Over 4 trillion cigarette butts are dumped into our environment each day. This post discusses a useful option for what to do with the cigarette butts.



  1. About the first point: I think we'd be better off without knowing that much about sharks and their lives and them have a good growing population again then killing them to get the information that we want to learn.

  2. why do people think that sharks are these preditors that just want humans to eat??? well for one i do see where they came from but i was watching the discovering channel and they said that sharks only attack humans because they might suspect that they are a animal...