Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Leaping Blenny: A Fish Out Of Water

Using high speed video researchers have shown how a leaping blenny, Alticus arnoldorum (a fish), can thrive on land. The blennies use a twisting motion of their tail to spring forward. Essentially these fish curl their bodies into a C-Shape and then let fire. Typically, this is used as an escape response to avoid been eaten by a predator. But these leaping blennies have adjusted their biomechanics a little so they can use it to colonise intertidal areas. Intertidal means that area between low and high tides. In other words, these fish can, and do, live a substantial part of their lives out of water. 

Below is a lateral view of a leaping blenny, well, leaping.  

Below is a ventral view of the leaping blenny climbing up a upright piece of plexiglass. 



  1. Wow. These are awesome! They look pretty cute as far as fish go ;).
    Are they still dependent on water for their reproduction etc.?

  2. I would imagine they are yes. Probably external fertilizers. And what do you mean....FOR FISH:) Much better than some feathery dinosaur any day.