Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Sustainable Seafood

We are told time and again that we need to eat more seafood for a healthier diet. But how does this work when, globally, fish populations are in massive decline. Barton Seaver, sustainable seafood advocate and chef, gives his opinion in this 10 min video. Enjoy.


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  1. It seems like his main point was to eat small portions of seafood and fill up on veggies. That may be good advice, but it's not enough. I watched a show about obesity in Tongo and Fiji, and the people couldn't afford to eat their traditional diets because of overfishing- the catch was sent to Japan or Hong Kong. Very sad. I have hopes for ecologically diverse fish farming that produces lots of fish and shellfish and doesn't pollute the water. Maybe they can even feed them a natural fish diet algae) so they'll be enriched in omega-3 fats they way fish are supposed to be. What do you think?