Thursday, February 25, 2010

New Postdoc!!

Yesterday I finally got VISA approval and so the last hurdle is jumped. On 15 March I leave the shores of New Zealand and set sail (actually flight) for Newfoundland, Canada, where I will start my new postdoctorate. This will be my home for the forseeable future. How do I feel? I am excited at the new adventure and about getting into a fresh new research project, nervous that I will be able to do it, and sad to be leaving my friends.

it has made me realise what a sacrifice and lonely life a scientist can be. As much as I am glad and appreciative to be going, even if I had wanted to stay in New Zealand I couldn't. Research funding is terrible. I imagine it is better, but not much, in other western countries throughout the world. Thus, you are forced to travel to different locations if you want to succeed. I am single and have few ties to NZ (even though I grew up here) and so it would be much easier for me to travel to a new job than someone who is say in a relationship or married with kids!!!

But on the flip side my friend has the opposite problem. He is a medical doctor and thus can't leave the country even though he is desperate too. I guess its the usual story of you miss what you can't have.


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